100% Ska Podcast S07E05 – Putting that Spring of Ska in Your Step

It’s already March, and we’re marching and dancing toward the first day of spring, so let this new episode put a spring in your step. Today is also Bandcamp Friday, so if you hear something you like, go check and see if the band has something to offer!

This week we’re spending some time in the wayback machine, hitting you with some new vinyl releases, spotlighting some of the newer digital-only output, and presenting through the episode three fantastic bands from Mexico.

Let’s listen on!

Full Playlist:

Old Boys in Town – Working Day

Los Kung Fu Monkeys – Rudeboy Rockers

The Step Daughters – Right Sound

Los Placebos – Rocksteady Rollercoaster

Brixton Sounds – Skachondo

Machtoc – The First Time

House of Rhythm – Nothing in Life

Monkey Shop – Where to Go

Headline – Scrounger

The Rins – Greener

Rum Luck – Ghost Town

Mike Ska – Arson Killers

Last Reel Hero – The Heat and the Pressure

Cool Wise Men – King’s Boogaloo

Boomshot – Keep Moving On

Travelers All-Stars – Yellow Laces

The West Kensingtons – Django

The Boy Detective – A Dreadful Collection of Memoranda

Local or visiting NYC? Check out the upcoming shows hosted by (or featuring) DJ Ryan Midnight:

3/8 – Danny Rebel & the KGB, The Penniless Loafers, Sneaky Heat Missiles, DJ Duff Guy (DJ and Host)

4/12 – Buford O’Sullivan & the Roosters, The West Kensingtons, Across the Aisle, Not From Concentrate (DJ and Host)

5/10 – Subway to Skaville 5th Anniversary Show with Beat Brigade, Dunia & Aram, and The Simulators (DJ and Host)

6/14 – ???

7/12 – The Fuss, The Operators, Foolish Relics (DJ and Host)

Check out the Subway to Skaville website too, and find out what we’re up to!

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