100% Ska Podcast S07E06 – Supernova Preview, Croydon Fest, and more Touring Bands

This week we’re highlighting two great festivals coming up in 2024 – This is Not Croydon Fest 5, and of course Supernova Ska Festival – both of which still have tickets available

We’re also just generally highlighting bands that are out on the road this spring – whether its a weekend tour or longer and ready to play live for you!

Additionally, we’re highlighting new music specifically from Danny Rebel and the KGBs, Half Past Two, and Cenzo!

Check out some tunes, get psyched, and then see ’em live when they come through your town!

Full Playlist:

Danny Rebel & the KGB – Spiral Eyes

Half Past Two – Dominoes

Spring Heeled Jack – Electric

The Toasters – Weekend in LA

Eastern Standard Time – Tick Tock

The Aggrolites – The Volcano

We Are The Union – Big River

Stop the Presses – Terminator

Buford O’Sullivan and the Robots – Stolen Soul

Madness – House of Fun

The Planet Smashers – The Manta Ray Dance

The Pietasters – Crazy Monkey Woman

The Slackers – Wrongful Suspicion

Mephiskapheles – Satan on the Beach

Catbite – Come on Baby

Flying Racoon Suit – Driftwood

The Prizefighters – Follow My Sound

The Steady 45s – Maria Julia

Cenzo – Beg, Borrow & Steal

Local or visiting NYC? Check out the upcoming shows hosted by (or featuring) DJ Ryan Midnight:

3/8 – Danny Rebel & the KGB, The Penniless Loafers, Sneaky Heat Missiles, DJ Duff Guy (DJ and Host)

4/12 – Buford O’Sullivan & the Roosters, The West Kensingtons, Across the Aisle, Not From Concentrate (DJ and Host)

5/10 – Subway to Skaville 5th Anniversary Show with Beat Brigade, Dunia & Aram, and The Simulators (DJ and Host)

6/14 – The Phensic, Last Reel, Hero, +1 TBA (DJ and Host)

7/12 – The Fuss, The Operators, Foolish Relics (DJ and Host)

Check out the Subway to Skaville website too, and find out what we’re up to!

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