100% Ska Podcast S07E04 – From Anarcho Ska-Punk to Sweet Soulsteady and Back

Once again we find the pendulum of ska shaking back and forth this episode with a wide variety of sweet soulsteady, reggae, and all the way to anarcho ska-punk to scratch that energetic itch.

We’ve got new release music from Tyrone Turtle, reissues from Coolidge (vinyl debut) and Against All Authority, sweet ska from Spain, and a few fun covers scattered throughout.

We also continue our dedication to spotlighting newer digital-only music (the cost of record pressing is so prohibitive!) with the likes of Fratelli Lambretta Ska-Jazz, The Write-Ups, The Fishska, and Rock Shed Rangers!

Listen on, and discover some new tunes for collection!

Full Playlist:

Fratelli Lambretta Ska Jazz – CSB

Coolidge – Barely Getting By

Against All Authority – Watered Down and Passive

The Decepticonz – You Must Fight To Live on the Planet of the Apes

Geier Sturzflug – Bruttosozialprodukt

Tyrone Turtle and the Steady Rockers – Only You

The Rocksteady Conspiracy – Trouble & Danger

Winston Groovy – Reggae Fever

The Pepper Pots – Stay On Your Way

The Write-Ups – Operation Arrowhead

Rock Shed Rangers – Frame of Reference

Part-Time Genius – Digital Now

The Fishska – Banned in Jakarta

Mungo’s Hi-Fi x Marina P – Soma

Solomon Jabby – Tone Wheel Express

The Void Union (featuring Hayley Jane) – Garden of Eden

Go Jimmy Go – Valentine’s Day

Trying to Get By – OHNO

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