100% Ska Podcast S07E03 – New Release Catchup, 80s Rarities, and 7″ of Fun

This week we continue doing some major new releases catchup, highlighting some great albums, singles and a compilation that have come out in 2023. Additionally we’re highlighting some digital only releases as we continue to spotlight great music that hasn’t (yet) appeared on vinyl.

We also hop in the time machine to check out some 80s rarities that we’ve recently added to the 100% Ska library!

Follow along on the playlist, and see what bands you need to explore further and check out live when they come to your town!

Full Playlist:

Something to Do – Legal Abortion

Loving Paupers – Mary

Inspecter 7 – Sway

Inciters – Love Comes Around

Staya Staya – Tiempos Duros

Smoke & Mirrors Sound System – Band of Gold

Crazy Baldhead w/ Ali Presses – Love on Loop

Half Past Two – See You Again

A Contra Tiempo Ska-Jazz – Massive

The Stars That Wouldn’t Shine – Anything #3

Trowsers – Come Dance

The Squids – Bottle Cap

The Untouchables – Whiplash 

The Kittyhawks – Rally Cry

The Rag – Showdown

Brehdren – Garrrie!!

Mel Tepid & Them Soul-Ska Farmers – I Wanna Know

Eric Din – Rabbitus Maximus

Local or visiting NYC? Check out the upcoming shows hosted by (or featuring) DJ Ryan Midnight:

2/9 – The Pandemics, El Grande, Llama Tsunami, DJ Maddie Ruthless (DJ and Host)

3/8 – Danny Rebel & the KGB, The Penniless Loafers, Sneaky Heat Missiles, DJ Duff Guy (DJ and Host)

4/12 – Buford O’Sullivan & the Roosters, Barbicide, Across the Aisle (DJ and Host)

5/10 – Subway to Skaville 5th Anniversary Show!

Check out the Subway to Skaville website too, and find out what we’re up to!

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