100% Ska Podcast S07E02 – Fantastic 2023 Releases, New Reissues, Digital Spotlight, and More

This week we continue to look back on 2023 and some of the great new vinyl releases, some “finally available” on vinyl reissues, and of course continue our spotlight on some of great digital (and CD) only releases that have been coming out recently.

Of particular note, Barbicide’s new album Songs about Heartbreak and Nazis is a must listen, you have to check out the new Roots and Basses Latin Ska compilation from Asbestos Records, and Pietasters fans rejoice, for All Day is finally on vinyl!

Check out the entire episode and find some new music, then go see ’em live!


Full Playlist:

Barbicide – Jezebel

Cenzo – Move Like Ya Gone

Skappository – R U Rude 2?

Llama Tsunami – Sweet Release

La Muerta – Batle

The Dance Crashers – Unity

Jr. Thomas and the Volcanoes – Bumps in the Night

Westbound Train – For the First Time

The Scotch Bonnets – The Good One

The Pietasters – Dream of You

Reel Big Fish – Beer

Suicide Machines – Hey

Isaac Green and the Skalars – Spoiled Brat

The Scofflaws – Lost to the TV

Sound System Seven – Wherezat Ska Band

Chilled Monkey Brains – Nostalgia Just Ain’t What It Used to Be

The Overits – No Problem

The Bracers – Borstal Breakout

Foolish Relics – Words on Bathroom Walls

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3/8 – Danny Rebel & the KGB, The Penniless Loafers, Sneaky Heat Missiles, DJ Duff Guy (DJ and Host)

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