Subway to Skaville Showcase Series in NYC

Subway to Skaville is a monthly-recurring showcase series in New York City bringing you the best of the ska genre in all its styles from traditional 60s influence to ska-core and everything in between.

Hosted by Ryan Midnight, and currently calling Otto’s Shrunken Head our home base, Subway to Skaville provides an intimate opportunity to dance with some of the best bands around. From local to regional and even nationally touring bands, the sky is the limit for who might show up to perform!

We have been proud to host nationally touring bands including The Freecoasters, Flying Raccoon Suit, Stuck Lucky, and Rundown Kreeps, and supported the local and regional scene with performances from King Django, Hub City Stompers, Stop the Presses, Buford O’Sullivan, Beat Brigade, Joker’s Republic, The Ladrones, and Barbicide, just to namedrop a few!

We have been hosting shows since 2019, an extension of DJ Ryan Midnight’s long-term residency at Otto’s Shrunken Head, and have big plans ahead for 2023!

Check out the Events page for upcoming Skaville shows, and other engagements featuring DJ Ryan Midnight.

Bands, please contact us for date availabilities to perform at an upcoming show! If you are touring band with a specific date in mind, please reach out and we will accommodate you a as best as possible, including securing a date for your NYC stop!

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