100% Ska Podcast S07E08 – Somewhere Between an Earthquake and an Eclipse

Well, we just had an earthquake, and we’re about to have an eclipse. How about some good ol’ ska music to distract us and dance along?

Tonight we’ve got a heaping of traditional-inspired tunes – including several fantastic instrumentals – plus some 80s ska styling, and a block of new-ish “digital only” released music!

Let’s play on and see what catches your ear!

Full Playlist:

Klikk Panikk – Satan Pa Bybanen

The Bodysnatchers – 007 (Shanty Town)

The Skadows – Ska’d For Life

The Toasters – Haitian Frustration (TV Mix)

The Bouncing Flowers – Fire

Satelite Kingston – Plomo

Don Cosmic – Iguana Dance

The Dynamics – Su Su Shuffle

Luana Point – In Flagranti Ska

Girth Control – Neverending Coffee

Late For Life – M357

Sleepy Nicks – Slice

Not From Concentrate – Comfortable Life

Old Dodge Fellows – Compass Rose

The Moskito Bite – Don’t Give It Away

Jackie Mendez & Thee Hurricanes – I Can’t Stay

The Slackers – Wrongful Suspicion

Boomtown United – Love Like Fire

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