100% Ska Podcast – Episode 121 – Baby, Dance Wid Me

Your weekly dose of a ska DJ trying to emulate your favorite old college radio show. Always 100% ska, always 100% vinyl, and always getting buzzed on Jamaican rum while recording!

This week’s playlist

The Aggressors – Plight of the Immigrant
Skankin Pickle – David Duke is Running for President
Less Than Jake – Son of Dick
JC Superska – Hepstepper
The Aquabats – Super Rad
Taxicab Samurais – Preppy Girl
Slow Gherkin – Covert Advertising
The Instigators – Matty’s Song
Unsteady – Rockstar
Hepcat – Dance Wid’ Me
The Prizefighters – The Accolade
The Berbiseyans – Madinina
Two Tone Club – One in a Million
Strange Fruit – In The Mood for Lovin’
The Riffs – Monday Morning
The Loafers – The Undertaker
The Busters – Space Patrol Orion
Top Shotta Band – Shephard Style (Version II)