100% Ska Podcast – Episode 125 – Can’t Force You to Enjoy This Music

Your weekly dose of a ska DJ trying to emulate your favorite old college radio show. Always 100% ska, always 100% vinyl, and always getting buzzed on Jamaican rum while recording!

This week’s tracklist:

Spring Heeled Jack – Pay Some Dues
Symarip – Must Catch a Train
The Specials – Its Up to You
The Selecter – Pass the Power
Brixton Sounds – Instituto Karla
Hepcat – No Worries
Rocksteady Sporting Club – Sheepish Sheep
The Pietasters – Under My Thumb
The Slackers – Runaway
The Aquabats – Playdough
Let’s Go Bowling – Esta Noche
The Meow Meows – Young Blood
Mustard Plug – Box
Boomshot! – Cower and Bend
The Suspects – The Dance
Beat Brigade – Try and Try Again
Vic Ruggiero – Jump
Johnny too Bad and the Strike Outs – St. Paul St

We can’t force you to enjoy this music
Take it or leave it we’ll carry on regardless