100% Ska Podcast – Ep. 131 – Drunken Style is His Martial Art

Your weekly dose of a ska DJ trying to emulate your favorite old college radio show. Always 100% ska, always 100% vinyl, and always getting buzzed on Jamaican rum while recording!

Counting down to Christmas, hold the eggnog, give me the rum staight, and let’s do the Manta Ray Dance with Santa on the beach!

This week’s tracklist:

Rancid with Stubborn All Stars – I Wanna Riot
The Slackers – Two Face
Boomtown United – Work It Out
The Deltones – Show Off
The Talks – All in a Day
Mephiskapheles – Satan on the Beach
Mustard Plug – Suburban Homesick Blues
Desorden Publico – Ska Mundo Ska
Tim Armstrong (backed by The Aggrolites) – Oh No
The Planet Smashers – Manta Ray Dance
Let’s Go Bowling – Cumbia Del Sol
The Pietasters – Drunken Master
The Berbiseyans – Djinns
Arthur Kay and The Originals – No One But You
Soul Radics – Stay
Moon Invaders – Different Strokes for Different Folks
Unsteady – Charade
Top Shotta Band – Dub of My Heart