100% Ska Podcast – Ep. 209 – I Wanna Be Your

Your weekly dose of a ska DJ trying to emulate your favorite old college radio show. Always 100% ska, always 100% vinyl, and always getting buzzed on Jamaican rum while recording!

…well, okay, this week is red wine.


Bim Skala Bim – In Our Midst
Eastern Standard Time – Left for Dead
New York Ska Jazz Ensamble – My Blue Ska
The Dendrites – Oh Yeah? (Oh Yea!)
Top Shotta Band – No Regrets
The Senior Allstars – Deacon
Gigantes Magneticos – Well Well Well
Cairo – Movie Stars
The Liptones – Med Dej
The Scotch Bonnets – I Wanna Be Your Boy
The Pressure – Kingston Review
Potato 5 – Reburial
The Slackers – I Wanna Be Your Girl
Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra – Ska Me Crazy
The Toasters – Little Hidden Secret
Mephiskapheles – Friends Like You
The Pilfers – Generation
Fink’s Constant – Ska Ska Ska

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