100% Ska Episode 306 – Unity and Love while Social Distancing

This week’s episode is the first recorded since the Coronavirus pandemic has really been hitting the United States.

Plenty of shoutouts, new music to support, pleas to support your local scene, and even your favorite bars and bartenders. We will persevere, and I will see you on the dance floor before you know it!

This week’s playlist:

Alberto Tarin & Orchestra – Walking Around
The Void Union – Centipede
Middle Volga Social Club – Alexey Rodin
The Adjusters – Elegy
The Allentons – Dreams
Boomtown United – Love Like Fire
Dance Hall Crashers – Skinhead BBQ
Rancid – Crane Fist
The Ska Blazers – Gringo
King Django – Hey Bartender
The Shifters – She’s So Fine
The Seattleites – Ska-la-Mode
Save Ferris – New Sound
Regatta 69 – Someone to Cling To
Pressure Boys – Policeman in my Neighbor’s Yard
El Bosso – Al Capone
Buck O Nine – Truth or Dare
No Villains Left – Wait for Me