100% Ska Podcast Ep. 308 – the First All-CD Episode

Well, quarantine madness along with a few Blue Hawaiian cocktails have set in, and its time for the very first all-CD episode of 100% Ska. You’re hearing nothing but sweet sweet ska compact discs here from the 1990s, and if I’ve done my research and homework correctly, none of this music has ever been released on vinyl!

Sit back, and enjoy a very special episode of 100% Ska! I think we’ll be doing this again soon, as I’ve just scratched the surface of my ska CD collection.


Allstonians – Jr. G-Man
Skunks – Glass Pants
Mobtown – Coming to Get You
Metro Stylee – Nude Reggae
Skavoovie and the Epitones – Sonic Boom
The Aquabats – Tarantula
SMA – Leeches and Lampreys
The Invaders – Try to See
The Tantra Monsters – 10 Hours
The Scofflaws – Ska-La-Carte
The Miggedys – Times Like These
Unsteady – Bad Attitude
The Radiation Kings – Murder
Inspecter 7 – Train Song
The Royalties – Shut Down
Skatallica – Cold Winters Day
Taxicab Samurais – Big Kahuna
Ruder Than You – Skahall Connection

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