Pietasters Official Cocktail Recipe

Established as far back as 1997 (if not sooner) on the inlay card of Moon Records’ fantastic compilation, Skankaholics Unanimous, the official cocktail of the legendary Pietasters is none other than the classic Gin & Tonic!

The drink so good, they even arranged a song in it’s honor for the compilation using Charlie Parker as a reference guide.

So let’s make ourselves a Gin & Tonic, Pietaster style!


  • Gin
  • Tonic Water
  • Lime wedge


Get yourself a highball glass or a rocks glass (around 10-12oz glass will do) and fill it with ice. In the glass add:

A (1) jigger of gin (or make it a double, you deserve it!)

A slice of lime will do (squeeze slice into gin for extra flavor)

Fill glass with tonic water (treat yourself to some of that gourmet tonic, if your liquor store has it)

Enjoy while dreaming of that special someone and listening to The Pietasters!

Did you know Steve Jackson was the first guest on the 100% Ska Podcast, way back on the second episode?