100% Ska Podcast S05E05 – Do the Ska for Six More Weeks of Winter

Welcome to our first episode of February! Looks like we’re getting six more weeks of winter, so grab a good stout, or a lovely aged rum, and let’s get our dance on inside while we wait to thaw out.

On tonight’s episode we listen to a track from the brand new compilation from Stubborn Records, Still Stubborn: Volume 1 (available now on Bandcamp) which kicks off the label’s thirtieth anniversary! Be on the look out for more volumes in 2022. We also listen to another digital-only single from Tyrone Turtle and the Steady Rockers.

Beyond that, you’ll get a cross section of ska from the 80s, 90s, and into the 21st century!

Full Playlist:

Killer Diller – Fight For Your Woman

Buford O’Sullivan – Decade Revival Song

Napoleon Solo – 0 0 5 9

Boss Riot – I Can’t Forget About You Baby

Sammy Kay and the East Los Three – Highs and Lows

Mungo’s Hi-Fi x Marina P – The Best Goes Ska

Boomshot! – You’ve Never Known

Solomon Jabby – Tone Wheel Express

The Shifters – It’s Been Too Long

Rancid with the Stubborn All-Stars – I Wanna Riot

The Planet Smashers – Pee in the Elevator

Unsteady – ME

The Aquabats – Powdered Milk Man!

Legal Gender – Overcast

Ocean 11 – Ancient Chinese Ska

The Fundamentals – Cool Down and Let It All Out

2 Tone Lizard Kings – Super 8

Tyrone Turtle and the Steady Rockers – Drunk and Dancing

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The next episode should be all about love!