100% Ska Podcast S05E08 – On a Jet Plane to Jamaica

We haven’t done an all-60s ska show in quite a while, so tonight we’ll be doing just that! Nothing but pure Jamaica ska and rocksteady for your listening pleasure. No breaks, no interruptions just pure dancing and grooving mood.

Some songs you know, some you may not, but I think you’ll find a few new songs to you’ll be humming in no time!

Next episode the pendulum swings the other way as we highlight some of the great new releases of 2022 (and late 2021) ahead of Bandcamp Friday!

Full Playlist:

Lloyd & Glen – Rudies Give Up

Tommy McCook – Freedom Sounds

Llans Thelwell & the Celestials – Mughead Ska

Jackie Opel – Turn Your Lamp Down

Byron Lee & the Dragonaires – Frankenstein

Roland Alphonso – Lee Oswald

The Blues Busters – Soon You’ll Be Gone

The Gaylads – Rolling Down

Lord Sir Comic – Ska-ing West

Dobby Dobson – Cry Another Cry

David Isaacs – I’d Rather Be Lonely

The Sensations – Long Time Me No See You Girl

Eddie Perkins – My Darling

The Uniques – Love and Devotions

X-Rays – Big Brother

Pat Kelly – Little Boy Blue

The Maytals – One Look

Vin Gordon – Sounds and Soul

Stranger & Gladdy – Rudies All Around

The Rulers – Copasetic

Honeyboy Martin & The Voices – Dreader Than Dread

The Pioneers – Some of The Bawl

Eric Morris – Blackman Ska

Trammy – Horns of Paradise

Lynn Taitt and the Jets – The Joker

Ken Parker – A Change is Gonna Come

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