100% Ska Podcast S05E19 – Stranger Things Have Happened Before This Episode

Its been a few moments, but we’re back with a new episode, and trying to get back on schedule!

Tonight hear a track from the new David Hillyard & the Rocksteady 7 album “Plague Doctor”, a new track from The Gravelites (out of Indonesia!), and a track from the new-ish Left Alone album “Checkers & Plaid”.

You’ll also get an assortment of blistering instrumental tracks, rare 80s ska, a wicked dub version of the Stranger Things main theme, and more!

Full Playlist:

The Gravelites and Skaline – Summon the Soul

David Hillyard & the Rocksteady Seven – Plague Doctor

Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra – Monster Rock

Jah Jazz Orchestra – King Solomon

The Oldians – The Mighty Thumb

Left Alone – Mile High

Die Tornados – The Evil

The Dead 60s – Ghostfaced Killer

The Crombies – Blood and Fire

Camper Van Beethoven – Border Ska

Steppin’ Lazer – All I Do is Ska

Class Action – Going Nowhere

East of Eden – Sea of Happiness

Kingston Rudieska – East and West

Hollie Cook – Milk and Honey

Green Torrejas – Villa Adelina

Black Emeralds – Bed Bug

The Upstarters – Stranger Things (Dub)

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