100% Ska Podcast S05E27 – Fall of the House of Midnight

As we settle into autumn, its time to also settle in with some good rum and excellent tunes to keep the heart beating and feet tapping!

Tonight we take a listen to the brand new 12″ release from The Slackers, New York Berlin (available now direct from Pirates Press Records!), a toe-tapping tunes that looks somewhat fondly back on danger days of NYC.

We also listen to the debut track from Mono and the Alienlites, and the newest output from The PMR Ska Collective.

We also rip through a great selection of jazzy instrumentals, roots reggae, an assortment of 90s 7″s, and some energetic European ska!

Full Playlist:

Mono and the Alienlites – Funny Feeling

The Slackers – New York Berlin

The Debonaires – No Dice

Los Barrelshots – Triton

The Revivers – Black Panther

Isaac Green and the Skalars – TroubleBound

The Usuals – Catahoula

The Parka Kings – Alone

Superdot – Magnificent Bob

The Attractors – Grinding Work

The Loving Paupers – The Words

Yellow Umbrella – Lights Down Low

John Bunkley – Monday Tuesday Wednesday

Dutch Ska Express – Babylon Hooligans

The Liptones – Morka Kvarter

The Bartenders – Monkeys Club

Fence – Scorched Earth

PMR Ska Collective – On Top of the World

Local or visiting NYC? Check out the upcoming shows hosted by (or featuring) DJ Ryan Midnight:

10/6 – Joker’s Republic, The Rundown Kreeps, Eye Defy, DJ Pitter Pat (Host)

10/28 – DJ Night at Otto’s Shrunken Head

11/18 – Stop the Presses, The Pandemics, Barbicide, The Yeggs (Host and DJ)

12/9 – Ska night at Otto’s Shrunken Head (bands to be announced!)

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