100% Ska Podcast S06E12 – Spotlight on Escape Hatch Records, San Diego, and New Digital Singles

Tonight we’re putting the spotlight on Escape Hatch Records, the new San Diego-based label that has come out both guns blazing and ready to take turntables by storm!

We’re checking out some of their brand new releases including The Dynamos, along with the reissue of Unsteady’s debut album, the Gangbusters album finally seeing the light of day after 33 years, and more.

For the vinylheads, these releases are gorgeous! Check out all the new releases currently available at Escape Hatch Records!

Additionally, we look at some of the great bands San Diego has produced over the years, a series of “digital only” singles, and 7″ fun! Enjoy!

Full Playlist:

Unsteady – Martha

Gangbusters – A Million Miles

The Dynamos – I Must Remove

King Roostah & Wise Owl – Take My Breath Away

Smoke & Mirrors Soundsystem – The Great Dubvide – (Victor Rice dub based on The Great Divide)

The Donkey Show – Bali Island

Buck-o-Nine – Twenty-Eight Teeth

Spy Kids – Covert Action

The Trowsers – Color TV Reality

The Hourglass Cats – God Forsaken Heat

Atlas & Oracle ft. Flying Raccoon Suit – Goodness Gracious

Proyecto Secreto – Soon Will Be Enough

Dubmatix (Ft. Dennis Alcapone) – Soul Ska

The Professionals – Jungle Drums Part One

Z – Legalize Erdbeereis

The Belle Stars – Sweet Memory

The Fun Boy Three – The Telephone Always Rings

Rebelation – Every Day is Exactly the Same

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