100% Ska Podcast Ep S04E01 – Best-ish of 2020 Ska Releases on Vinyl

We’re dusting off the podcast and getting this damn thing out of the moth balls just in time to highlight some of the best ska releases of 2020, including new albums, new singles, and older material being released on vinyl for the first time!

This episode also comes with a pledge to continue recording new episodes and generally helping to promote new releases in 2021!

and with that, on with the episode!


Red Stripes – Do The Ska
The Slackers – Blue
Crazy Baldhead (featuring Maddie Ruthless) – Wait for the Night
Victor Rice – The Demander
King Kong 4 – To Lose Before You Start
Doped Up Dollies – Racist Friend
Bowcat – Catch 22
3City Stompers – Tarantino
T-Killas – Deadly and Rude
Western Standard Time – Bedouin Ska
Brixton Sounds – Sonidos de Brixton
Prince Alphonso and the Fever – Time is Ska Tight
Shuffle and Bang – Naima
The Skunks – Greyhound
King Chango – Latin Ska
The Specials – Gangsters (Clangsters Dub)