100% Ska Podcast S04E08 – More Ska-Punk Fun! Let’s Get Happy and Angry

Its Sunday funday, so let’s have some fun with a little ska-punk shenanigans and get happy and angry! This week’s episode dives into some rarely heard early ska-punk that you need to hear, a heaping helping of ska-punk from the 90s, and new music from current flagbearers Half Past Two and Bite me Bambi!

You can pick up the new digital single from Half Past Two from their Bandcamp page (don’t forget to check out their adorable video too!) and pre-order the Bite Me Bambi LP “Hurry Up and Wait” and other merch from their website!

Also, check out the movie Burst City!

Full Playlist:

Half Past Two – All About You

Neutrinoz – The Obvious

The Ruts – Give Youth a Chance

The Nails – Cutting Edge

Painted Saints – Loathe

Link 80 – Up to the Top

78 RPM’s – 21st Street Bash

The Skolars – Get Away

Voodoo Glow Skulls – Lanzar La Luna

The Skoidats – Jeckyll vs Hyde

Mephiskapheles – Satan Stole My Weed

TheAquabats – Powdered Milk Man

Mustard Plug – Dressed Up

Bite Me Bambi – Carried Away

The Talks – Don’t Look Behind You

Catbite – Come On Baby

Slow Gherkin – Thumbs Down to Generation X

The Roosterz – Yūfuku no kiga (Days of Youth)