100% Ska Podcast S04E16 – Bandcamp Friday Preview Spectacular

This week we’re going a bit off the beaten format path to take a look at a bunch of great recent ska releases and about-to-be released music for May 7th’s Bandcamp Friday!

As a reminder, the first Friday of each month (for now) is Bandcamp Friday, where the platform waives all their fees for purchases, and gives all the funds direct to the bands! If you like what you hear, consider getting a few of these releases and support the bands and the scenes!

You can check out each band via the link next to their name! All links point to Bandcamp unless otherwise noted.

Full Playlist:

Backyard Superheroes – Music In My Head (single)

The Skacore Cartel – Our Day Will Come (single)

We Are the Union – Oridinary Life (via album Ordinary Life or Ska Against Racism)

The PMR Ska Collective – This is the Way (via Bandcamp)

Kato Ska – Blah Blah (feat Neville & Sugary Staple) (single)

The Operators – New Place (single)

The Prizefighters – What Have I Got Of My Own (via Take Three album)

Catbite – Come on Baby (via Hee-Haw version)

Boss Sound Manifesto – Never Give Up (via Boss Sound)

Phoenix City All-Stars – Paint It Black (via Skatisfaction)

Rude City Riot – See You in Hell (via Shady Schemes and Molotov Dreams)

The Tellways – Bow to Your Sensei (via Out of the Cosmos)

The Freecoasters – Delivery Me (via A Different Kind of Heat)

The Georgetown Orbits – Hang on Sloopy (via single)

Sir Jay and the Skatanauts – COVID-19 Special (via single)

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones – Killing of Georgie (Pt III) (pre-order with Hellcat Records)