100% Ska Podcast S04E17 – The Upbeat Goes On and On and On

Your weekly dose of a DJ trying to emulate your favorite old college radio ska show. Always 100% ska, almost always 100% vinyl, and always getting buzzed on Jamaican rum while recording!

Tonight’s episode opens with a special treat and a slice of “lost” California ska history, Speciall Guest, whose lead singer has recently released mastered demo tapes originally recorded in 1985 but never released. You can hear that track and more on the Speciall Guest Bandcamp page.

From there, a dedicated set of Japanese ska via recent record acquisitions from Toxic Toast Records in Long Beach CA. Check them out if you need some imports in your collection, too!

And from there, an excellent assortment of the ska selections you’ve come to expect from the show!

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Full Playlist:

Speciall Guest – Don’t Fit (Extended Version)

La-PPISCH – One Two Ska

Rude Bones – Work Like Machine

Disport – The Downbeat Goes On

Ska Rockets – Rocket Ska

The Amphetameanies – Good One Go

Spicy Roots – D.I.S.C.O.

Moonhead Project ft. Dani Radic – On The Dancefloor

The Transilvanians – Charlton Heston en Donana

Stahl – Fukushima

Detroit Riddim Crew and Friends – Trafalgar

Boss Riot – Happiness or Sorrow

The Braces – Julie Julie

The Toasters – Two-Tone Army

65 Mines Street – Walking on Topanga

Red Soul Community – Muerte en La Alhambra

The Preschoolers – Scott Chester

Ska King Crab – Take on Me