100% Ska Podcast S04E30 – …Goes 100 Percent Dub

Tonight is a little experiment as the 100% Ska Podcast goes 100% dub! Aside from the intro, it’s nothing but non-stop music.

This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now, to compile a bunch of the dub rendition tracks found on many of the LPs and singles I have. Hope you enjoy it!

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Full Playlist:

The Red Stripes – Gonna Dub Now (album available on Bandcamp)

Hepcat – Miss Dubgeniality

The Players Band – Hot Milk Dub

Babylon Fighters – PAB Dub

Skints – On A Mission (Dub)

Kingston Rudieska – Sir Dub

Detroit Riddim Crew – Castle Dub

Two Tone Club – Bloody in Dub

Dead 60s – Too Much TV (Dub)

Caz and the Day Laborers – You Got Dub

The Fuss – Dub It Down

Colin Giles meets Victor Rice – DubLady

The Prizefighters – Fibbers Dub

Western Standard Time – Tunnel Vision (Dub)

Top Shotta Band – Dub of My Heart

Sir J and the Kinkylab All-Stars – Lost Rhytm Dub

The Specials – Clangsters Dub

Madness – Mad House (Instrumental Dub Version)