100% Ska Podcast S04E31 – Punch the Clown Interview and 90s 7″ Bonanza

Tonight we welcome two members of Punch the Clown – founding member Rick Rocklewitz (drums, vocals) and Kevin Newby (bass) – to the show to discuss the band, their label Raj Records, and of course their brand new anthology LP “Punch the Clown is a Hit Machine” which will be available Labor Day weekend direct from their website – punchtheclown.band

And to get you psyched for a trip down 90s ska memory lane with the band, we’re bringing you a selection of 90s 7″ records that I think will get you in the mood!

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Full Playlist:

MU330 – Vacation

The Chinkees – You Don’t Know

The Jinkies – Road Trip

The Parka Kings – Alone

Superdot – Magnificent Bob

Slow Gherkin – Covert Advertising

The Exceptions – Flowering Scrunch

SeeSpot – Orient Express (Live)

The Instigators – Matty’s Song

The Jumpstarts – Lost City