100% Ska Podcast S04E32 – Smoke & Mirrors Soundsystem Spotlight, plus more New and Recent Releases

Tonight we put the spotlight on Smoke & Mirror Soundsystem, the brand new collaboration helmed by John Roy of Unsteady. Like many music projects started during the quarantine of 2020, this is a group that for the most part exists only in recorded format, and features a multitude of performers from the ska scene around the country from New York City to San Diego. Watch for a live version of the band, which appears to be in the works

Their debut album, Strength in Numbers, is also the first record released by new label Mixed Tape Records, and the LP is available now direct from the label.

We also list to a host of new singles released so far from 2021, including Junior Dell & the D-Lites, Dakka Shanks, and Tight Spot.

Finally, get the skinny on the concert calendar, with a bunch of concerts in the NYC area ahead of the Supernova Ska Festival

Full Playlist:

Smoke & Mirrors Soundsystem – Mile in Their Shoes

Junior Dell & the D-Lites – Miss Aranivah

The 18th Parallel – Stamp ‘n’ Go

Woodfield Road All-Stars – Muhammad Ali

The Seattleites – Ska-La-Mode

Tight Spot – Time Heals Everything (Happy People Records)

Carroll Thompson & the Mighty Megatons – Dance With Me

Key Day & Newentun All Stars – All You Fascists Bound to Lose

Erin Bardwell Collective – Please Please Please

Le Grand Miercoles – Cowboy Fantasma

The Void Union – Centipede

The Ska Flames – Star Eyes

King Zepha – Grass in Greener

Unsteady – Dr Buru

Go Jimmy Go – Head Up High

Stubborn All-Stars – True Mental

Agent 99 – Happy?

Dakka Skanks – You Can’t Cancel This (Digital Single)

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