100% Ska Podcast S04E34 – All-Norwegian Ska Episode and Interview with Wild Man Riddim

This week on 100% Ska we speak with guitarist and co-founder of the band Wild Man Riddim, Martin Brostigen, all the way from Oslo, Norway, to discuss their new album Panatlantic, and the Norwegian ska scene!

To help give you a taste of Norwegian ska, this week’s episodes features all-Norwegian ska bands, sampling the past 25 years or so of the scene! If you like what you hear, check out the rest of the bands!

You can get the new Wild Man Riddim album on digital release (get it on Bandcamp) or on vinyl through the band’s label (available now via Tiger Records). You can also check out their live performance of “Tigertown Locktown” in celebration of the record’s release, and a one of the livestream performances from 2020.

Full Playlist:

Chakras – You Name It

The Phantoms – Equializer

Hopalong Knut – Mager Trost

MT Hammed – Skabaluba

Skam – Spilt Melk

Wild Man Riddim – On a Jetpack to Cuba

Ska Patrol – Sunny Side

SKA-frika – Svigermonster

The Uptowners – Donkey Tail

No Torso – Fatal Fraud

Lame Ducks – Radiowave

Norsk Rakk – Skarpladd

Fence – Conform, Obey, Consume

Rub A Dubs – Real Love

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