100% Ska Podcast S04E41 – All 90s CD-Only Releases Episode, American Ska Style

Tonight we’re breaking format to bring you an all-CD episode featuring American ska bands from the 90s, where all the music you’ll hear has never – to the best of my research and knowledge – been released on vinyl. A few of these are probably on cassette, for those fact-checking.

So we are going to be spending a lot of time with Moon Ska Records, but you’ll also hear music from Stubborn Records, Elevator Music, and Jump Up Records, along with a few self-released albums.

We’ll be getting back to the vinyl format next week!

Also, if you have a ska CDs sitting around collecting dust, 100% Ska is ready to give them a new forever home. Get in touch!

Full Playlist:

NY Citizens Decadent Swine

Ruder Than You – Misskaculation

SMA – Leeches and Lampreys

Skanic – Eyesore

Public Service – Rydim Drop

The Radiation Kings – Gin & Tonic

Steady Ernest – Reckon

The Insteps – The Dragon

The Scofflaws – Nude Beach

The Skunks – Dubz 57 Sauce

Inspecter 7 – The Infamous

The Checkered Cabs – Walking in Threads

Buford O’Sullivan – When the Snake Gets His Way

Weaker Youth Ensemble – Wake Up (to Yourself)

Agent 99 Get a Grip (Live)

Stinkfish – Ronnie’s Revenge

Jiker – Minor Threat

Jump with Joey – Jack Lord Ska

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