100% Ska Podcast S04E43 – Spotlight on Guerrero Records, more New Releases, and a Lotta German Ska

Tonight we put the spotlight on Guerrero Records, a new imprint coming out of Los Angeles focusing on traditional ska and roots reggae, as we listen to cuts from their first three releases (check them out on Bandcamp and Facebook).

We also listen to a bunch of new releases, including the digital-only EP from friends of the show The Georgetown Orbits (available on Bandcamp), a track from The Bluebeats “Alternate Mix” of their debut Dance With Me (available on Bandcamp), No Sports’ new album “Twang!”, and The Selecter’s 40th Anniversary release of Too Much Pressure.

We round it out with a whole lotta ska from Germany, along with the UK, Venezuela, Austria, and the USA. Just a bit of every style from around the world, as you’ve come to expect from 100% Ska!

If you are local to NYC, come out to our Holiday Ska Party on December 17th at Otto’s Shrunken Head!

Full Playlist:

The Georgetown Orbits – Better Off Dead

Le Birrette – Let Me Stay

Esco Chris – The Suspects

Intensified – Skinhead Train

Los Aggrios – Meteorito

No Sports – Together Strong

The Selecter – They Make Me Mad

The 27 Red – Angry Man

Rare and Tasty – Saxism

The Rotterdam Ska-Jazz Foundation – Fussy Business

The Zensies – We Can Still Dance

Johnny Reggae Rub Foundation – No Bam Bam

Spicy Roots – Judy’s Pub

Right Turn Eddie – What Could It Be

Dance Hall Crashers – Othello

Desorden Publico – Ska de Aca

Crazy Baldhead – Hey Monday

The Bluebeats – Don’t Get Crazy (Alternate Mix)

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