100% Ska Podcast S05E02 – 2021 New Reissues and “Best Of” Additions to the Library

As has become tradition at the beginning of the year, this week looks back some of the “best” and noteworthy additions to the 100% Ska Podcast library, and also looks at some of the new reissues of older material that came out in 2021.

Full Playlist:

The Scofflaws – Paul Getty

Skinnerbox – Hepcat Season

Eastern Standard Time – Return of the Prophet

Proyecto Secreto – Tainee

The Far East – NYC Dream

Adhesivo – Dia De Rutina

The Chinkees – You Don’t Know

Babylon Fighters – Fuck You

Less Than Jake – Happyman

Rico Rodriguez – We Want Peace

Maroon Town – Hope

Prince Fatty meets the Mutant Hi-Fi – Moscow Mule

Aphrodite Delacruz – Toxic

The Crazy 8s – Johnny Q

SLK – Walk of the Mummy

The Fabulous Titans – Johnny Rocker

The Pressure Boys – Armchair Radical

Park Rangers – Smells Like Teen Spirit

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