100% Ska Podcast S05E10 – Come on Down to Ska City

Tonight we’re showcasing the various sounds you’re likely to hear on 100% Ska, from rare 80s tracks, to ska-punk, to boss reggae and jazz influenced tracks, and more, you’ll find it all here on every week.

If one set doesn’t strike your fancy, the next one very well might!

Of note on this week’s show, a rarity from Little Tigers (from Athens, GA), The Void Union (as they start their weekend tour of New England), Let’s Go Bowling (who celebrate the birthday release of Mr. Twist), and King Django (ahead of their live performance in NYC). Plus so much more! Watch for the weekend calendar too!

Full Playlist:

Little Tigers – Ska City

The Urbations – Skaffle

The Terrorists – Treat Her Right

Headline – Carolina

Skunks – C’est Eski C’est Eska

Void Union – Build a World

The Usuals – Three a.m.

King Django – Fistful of Riddim (A3)

The Impalers – Uppercut

Let’s Go Bowling – Spy Market

Monkey Shop – Tomorrow We May Know

Kemuri – Ato-Ichinen

Assorted Jelly Beans – Brain Dead

Brixton Sounds – Me Perdi

Blue Beat Makers – You’ve Been So Nice

The Revivers – Reggae Fever

Leo and the Lineup – Hit the Streets

Cryin’ Out Loud – Pounding Heart

Local or visiting NYC? Check out the upcoming shows hosted by DJ Ryan Midnight:

3/19 – King Django, Sonic Libido, Barbicide

5/27 – Stop the Presses, Flying Racoon Suit, Stuck Lucky, Megawave

6/17 – The Freecoasters, Donut City +1 TBA

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