100% Ska Podcast S05E11 – Lets Dance and Bounce until we’re Pissed and Broke

After a slight, unintended hiatus, we’re back and bringing you an episode filled with an eclectic selection of ska styles you can find on each show. We are always here to fill that void of your favorite old ska college radio show!

No brand new releases this week – though we’ll be publishing another episode later this week in support of Bandcamp Friday – so this week I’m asking you to check out your local record shops and dig deep! You never know what you may find. Several tracks you’ll hear tonight are off records recently found out in the wild!

Full Playlist:

The Untouchables – Tropical Bird

The Shifters – Let’s Dance

Luana Point – Les Liaions Dengereuses

The Steadys – Just Reflections (Live)

Bette Bright – Hello I Am Your Heart

Pist n Broke – Pist n Broke

Citizen Fish – Disposable Dream

The Beatdown – Mary

Urban Blight – U Must B

Los Placebos – Time for Action

Hot Stove Jimmy – Foxy

The Skunks – Bounce

Strange Fruit – In The Mood for Lovin’

The Frightnrs – Never Answer

Big Ska Band w/ Lester Sterling – Jamaica Farewell

The Pressure – Kingston Review

The Elevators – Rocksteady

The Orobians – Close to Me

Local or visiting NYC? Check out the upcoming shows hosted by DJ Ryan Midnight:

5/27 – Stop the Presses, Flying Racoon Suit, Stuck Lucky, Megawave

6/17 – The Freecoasters, Donut City +1 TBA

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