100% Ska Podcast S05E14 – Celebration of Spring Ska Tours and Live Shows

Tonight we celebrate the bands currently, or are about to go on tour across the United States, as we continue heralding the return of live music and venues. If you are comfortable being out, please support your scene!

We also start off with a track from The Slackers’ brand new album, Don’t Let the Sunlight Fool Ya, officially released today on Pirates Press Records!

For your (mostly) complete and up-to-date listings of all upcoming ska shows in the United States, check out SkaShowFinder.com!

Full Playlist:

The Slackers – Statehouse

Mephiskapheles – Satan Stole My Weed

Catbite – Amphetamine Delight

Mustard Plug – I Made Love to a Martian

Stop the Presses – Rude Skank

The Pietasters – Five Days of the Week

Spring Heeled Jack – Pay Some Dues

J. Navarro and the Traitors – Deeper

The Best Of The Worst – Illusion Of Choice

Rude Girl Revue – Lioness

Kill Lincoln – Going Under

Beat Brigade – Armageddon Beat

Soul Radics – Down to the Hall

The Dendrites – Oh Yea? Oh Yeah!

The Beat ft. Ranking Roger – Public Confidential

King Kong 4 – To Lose Before You Start

The Hypocondriacs – I Know Now

The Mobsters – Steppin Out

Local or visiting NYC? Check out the upcoming shows hosted by (or featuring) DJ Ryan Midnight:

4/22 – Mephiskapheles, Mustard Plug, Catbite, Stop the Presses, Title Holder (featured DJ)

5/27 – Stop the Presses, Flying Racoon Suit, Stuck Lucky, Megawave (host and DJ)

6/17 – The Freecoasters, Donut City +1 TBA (host and DJ)

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