100% Ska Podcast S05E15 – Coolie Ranx Interview, Mini-Retrospective, and Selections

Tonight we interview the one and only Coolie Ranx on the eve of the release of his debut solo album, Days Gone By. We talk about the genesis of the album, the 2021 Supernova International Ska Festival, his collaboration on “Mad Dog” with Eastern Standard Time, and so much more!

We also highlight some of Coolie’s favorite recent ska tracks, take a listen to tracks from The Toasters and Pilfers, and highlight some of the tracks he has guested on!

Days Gone By is available for pre-order on Bandcamp now, and is scheduled to be released in June!

Highlighted Tracks this Episode:

Pilfers – Generation

Eastern Standard Time – Mad Dog

Coolie Ranx – Incredible

Pannonia AllStars Ska Orchestra – Billy Boyo

Harijan -Decondition

The Loving Paupers – Lines

75 Days of Sun – Shoot for the Stars

Toasters – Dub 56 (Chat)

Pilfers – Easy Life

Metro Stylee – Back Again

The Doped Up Dollies – Be Free

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