100% Ska Podcast S05E16 – International Jet-Setting on S-K-Airlines

Tonight we take another trip on S-K-Airlines for trip around the world (and even back in time) to highlight some of great international ska acts from today and yesteryear!

We start off with tracks from two brand new releases – the Too Hectic! Ska Punk Goes International compilation and the Best of Out of Control Army – which are both available via Jump Up Records.

From Mexico, we’ll take a meandering stroll to Hungary, Germany, and Ireland just to name a few of our stops, and of course we’ll make a pitstop to refuel in the good ol’ USA.

We’ll also hit you with a few upcoming shows on the concert calendar! Next week, watch for our final Bandcamp Friday preview episode!

Full Playlist:

Los Kung Fu Monkeys – Bang Bang

Out of Control Army – Cat Nation

Bad Habit – Stop the Power

The Hacklers – Rude Bhoy

The Skapitanos – Lonely Nights

Skinners – Jump Up You Can Do It

Statuto – Abbiamo Vinto Il Festival de Sanremo

The Valkyrians – Call Me After Midnight

The Belle Stars – Hiawatha

Save Ferris – Golden Silence

Bowcat – Cruising Speed

Regatta 69 – Someone to Cling

Blades – Beef Bowl

The Champions Inc – Are You Reggae Now?

The Allniters – Hold On

Ska Contenders – Siempre Conmigo

Cairo – I Like Bluebeat

Madness – Return of the Las Palmas 7

Local or visiting NYC? Check out the upcoming shows hosted by (or featuring) DJ Ryan Midnight:

5/27 – Stop the Presses, Flying Racoon Suit, Stuck Lucky, Megawave (host and DJ)

6/17 – The Freecoasters, Beat Brigade, Donut City (host and DJ)

7/15 – Dunia & Aram, +TBA (host and DJ)

7/23 – Ensamble Calavera, Not From Concentrate, +TBA (host and DJ)

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