100% Ska Podcast S05E17 – The Final Bandcamp Friday Ska Spectacular (May 2022)

Well, this is it, the final Bandcamp Friday currently on the calendar, and we’re making this one helluva Ska Spectacular preview of what you can currently get on Bandcamp.

Most of the music you’ll hear on the episode has been released in the past month or so, but we do look back on some of the great releases still available on Bandcamp for your listening pleasure (and on vinyl, to boot!)

Check out the links next to all the bands in playlist, to grab these releases, and to see what else they have available!

Full Playlist:

The Prizefighters – Fistful of Credits (single)

Brachoi – Solchoi (Errances Itérées album)

Oklahoma Stackhouse – The Grove (Ok. album)

Sunny Coast Rude Boys – El Rollo (Rude Style! album)

Swinging Relatives – Skank Steady (Montreal 1986 collection)

The Manipulators – Racist Pig (Wow! 30 Cans album)

Title Holder – Hanging by a Thread (Story of My Life EP)

Oka Over – Fragen (Over EP)

Day Labor – Siguele (Amigos album)

The Frightnrs – Always (Always album)

Susan Cadogan and the Magnetics – My Oh My (single)

Roy Ellis & Cosmic Shuffling – Shine Your Light on Me (single)

Rhoda Dakar – Walking After Midnight (single)

The Tellways – Space Force (Out to the Cosmos album)

Sir Jay & the Ska-Tanauts – COVID-19 Special (single)

Western Standard Time Ska Orchestra – Sunrise from the East (Tombstone album)

Georgetown Orbits – Hang on Sloopy (single)

The Kyber Rifles – Midnight Shadows (Rude Rebel Radio album)

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