100% Ska Podcast S05E21 – No Witty Title, just New Tunes and Soul Healing Ska

On tonight’s episode, we take a listen to a new track from Joker’s Republic (off their upcoming album Necessary Evil) and The Untouchables from their new 7″ picture disc release.

We also dive into some recently acquired rarities via Toxic Toast Records, some catalog tracks from Angel City Records and Original Gravity, and generally just try to find a good mix of tunes some self healing.

Full Playlist:

Joker’s Republic – Gin and Tonic

The Untouchables – Hooked on a Feeling

Alpheus – Rudies

Dr Ring Ding – Fun

Casino Royale – Casino Royale

MU330 – Press

Rude Bones – Hey What’s This Noise

Just Kidding – I Don’t Understand It

The Targets – Unity Beat

Key Day & Newentun All Stars – All You Fascists Bound to Lose

Carroll Thompson – Dance With Me

Malandro Nine Five – Justinian’s Forgery

Mobtown – Coming to Get’cha (Live)

Stahl – Bring It On Back

Jackie Mendez – I Can’t Stay

Prince Alphonso and the Fever – Tune Up Ska

Woodfield Rd Allstars – Coast to Coast

The Pacers – Hassenpfeffer

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