100% Ska Podcast S05E22 – Fighting Entropy with New Releases and New-to-Me Records

Tonight we’re getting this podcast back on the tracks and going full steam ahead! Its a been a bit since the last episode, and we’ve got a bunch of brand new tunes, some new reissues on wax, and a few other goodies that have found their way into the collection.

Of note on the new releases include Smoke and Mirrors Sound System’s new 10″ release on Jump Up Records, Skankin’ Pickle’s Green Album, which has been reissued by Dr Strange Records, The Night Owls Version LP collecting their previous 7″ releases, and the adorable Travelers All-Star 7″.

Additionally we take a listen to several new digital singles!

Full Playlist:

The Night Owls – Let’s Stay Together

Smoke and Mirrors Sound System w/ Monty Neysmith – Start All Over

Hjalmar B Allstars – Tjack Snorris

Jr Thomas and the Volcanos- Lava Rock

Travelers All-Stars – Love In The Stars

Skankin Pickle – Start Today

The Porkers – Aporkalypso

No Doubt – Where’s Your Lovin’ (1988 Version)

Ocean 11 – Miss Understanding

Dunia & Aram – It’s Never Easy

Siames – El Reloj

Atlas & Oracle – Don’t Need to Try

Foolish Relics – The Art of Confusion

The Amphetameanies – Desert Culture

Cartoon Violence – Serpico

Bigger Thomas – Chaos

Bim Skala Bim – Fear No Evil

Gain Stages – In The Mood

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