100% Ska Podcast S05E23 – It’s an All French and Spanish Ska Episode

Tonight we’re taking a trip across the Atlantic to the fertile ska grounds of France and Spain to spotlight some of the great bands and songs that have been coming from the region as far back as the 2-Tone craze!

From Spain, we highlight some of the melodic ska and roots reggae tunes with The Offbeaters and Crepitans, and the big brass sounds of Don Cosmic

From France, we hear the legendary Skarface, along with more of big bouncing 3rd wave inspired tunes from Beer Beer Orchestra and Bizness, and some spitting punky-reggae from Dirty Distrct and The Internationalists.

There’s so much more to hear as well, so hop on this jet plane and take a trip with me!

Full Playlist:

Les Leopards – Hula Hoop Oup

Thorpedians – Violator Strikes Back

The Offbeaters – Leaving This Train SPAIN

Ruben Lopez & the Diatones – Diatone Time

The Crepitans – True Love

Les Liquidators – Return to Skatown

The Explorers – Rock Steady Monster

Rude Boy System – St. Louis Ska

Bizness – Spider Ska

Dirty District – L’Homme a la Tete de Chiffre

Protex Blue – Already Dead

The Internationalists – Kicking on the Wrong Door

Beer Beer Orchestra – Rudo Duro

Skarface – Wherever We’re Looking At

86 Crew – Promesses

Don Cosmic – Happy Monday

Banana Boats – Bom Bom

L’Home Llop & the Astramats – See You in September

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