100% Ska Podcast S05E24 – Even More International Ska, New-ish Releases, and Deep Cut Fun

This week we expand the look at some great international ska from Japan, England, Northern Ireland, Sweden, and another look at more fun tunes from France.

We also get into some new releases including Smoke and Mirror Sound System’s new LP, Undercover (available on Escape Hatch Records), Buster Shuffle’s latest effort, Gogol Bordello’s new ska-punk influenced track, and a sneak peak at the new band Subsetters who will be releasing a single and album on Happy People Records.

We’ll also give you a few fun slices of 80s and 90s ska!

Full Playlist:

Gogol Bordello – Focus Coin

Buster Shuffle – This City is Ours

Spokstan – Parasit

The Aggressors BC – AGGRESSOR

Jump with Joey – El Diablo Ska

Smoke and Mirrors Sound System – The Killing Moon

Unsteady – Sway

Ska Rockets – Rocket Ska

Benkei – Saturday Nite

Two Tone Club – Ugly Boy

Berbiseyans – Ghost Member

Babylon Fighters – Fuck You

Les Skalopes – Ya Vendra Mi Turno

Fishbone – Party at Ground Zero (Vapor Mix)

Slow Gherkin – I Only Smoke When I’m Drunk

The Siren Six! – Kill Your Idol

The Loafers – Skankenstein

Subsetters – Stop Drop and Roll

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