100% Ska Podcast S05E25 – Summer of Ska isn’t Quite Over Yet

The summer isn’t quite over yet! Tonight’s new release focus includes the newest output from Old Neighborhood Music with Victor Rice, the newest release from AloeVera Records with Le Birrette, and the EP release by Late for Life from earlier this year.

We also take a look at some of the previous releases on AloeVera Records, keep the international ska coming from Japan, and wish The Mighty Mighty Bosstones’ Devil’s Night Out a happy birthday!


Full Playlist:

Late for Life – Lou Slips

Victor Rice – Satta Soul Version

Arthur Kay’s Originals – Samurais of Ska

Chickenpox – Fight Back

The 4 Skins – Plastic Gangster

Le Birette – Marina

The Officinalis – For Her Eyes Only

The Blackstones – Change of Plan

The Mighty Megatons with Keith Rowe – Sound System

Buford O’Sullivan – I Can’t Decide

The Skamotts – Alien Steps

The King Lion – Obeah Man

Westbound Train – Come and Get It

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones – Devil’s Night Out

Less Kro – Reisen

Freedom of Expression – Forward We Stumble

The Inevitables – The Last of Bell Ringers

Super Hi-Fi – We Will Begin Again

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10/6 – Joker’s Republic, The Rundown Kreeps, Eye Defy, DJ Pitter Pat (Host)

10/28 – DJ Night at Otto’s Shrunken Head

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