100% Ska Podcast S05E29 – The Calm Before the Chaos

This week we open with the only Blue Beat single released by Brigitte Bond, a transwoman singer, performer, and activist in the 1960s and 70s, who would go on to inspire the classic Beat Girl logo. A new documentary about her life, Blue Beat Baby, is now available for streaming on YouTube.

We also hit you with two brand new releases from Stop the Presses and The Fuss, both available on Jump Up Records, and both being each bands’ sophomore LP release.

And then we take you on a rather nice, melodic journey through the rest of the show as we take a moment in the calmness before the chaos that’s about to unfurl. Let’s take a listen!

Full Playlist:

Brigitte Bond – Blue Beat Baby

Stop the Presses – Ride or Die

The Fuss – Look Forward to You

New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble – Low Blow

The Mighty Fishers – Caribbean Nights

St Petersburg Ska-Jazz Review – Policy Of Truth

Dave Hillyard – Pulling Strings

The Harmonauts – Confidence the Killer

Roger Rivas – Moving Lava

Drop Collective – Blowing the Clouds Away

The Delegators – Minus One

Contra Coup – Everyday

Pressure Cooker – London Bridge

Soweto – In For a Penny, In For a Pound

Skaville Train – Take Over

The Xplosions – Scraping

David Usma & the Siderens – Darkness

Greyhound – Sky High

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