100% Ska Podcast S05E30 – Out of COVID Jail, Back on the Decks

Well, the end of the year is coming, its starting to get a little frosty outside, but the decks are always hot with the sound of ska! Tonight we get into a few new releases, get into some fun covers and interpretations, and as almost-always, run the gambit of ska styles before the episode is through!

Of new release (and reissue) note, we take a listen to the vinyl-debut of The Scofflaws “Ska in Hi-Fi”, Mike Park off the Wavebreaker #2 split, Park Rangers’ Creep 7″, and Half Past Two on their vinyl edition of the Holidays EP.

Beyond that, we take an international trek to Japan and Germany among other countries, and time travel back to the 80s. Take a listen, and have fun!

Full Playlist:

The Freecoasters – This Christmas

The Scofflaws – Ska Groovy

The Usuals – Down For the Count

Half Past Two – Holiday

Park Rangers – Creep

Mike Park – I Couldn’t Wait Out Through the Night (feat. Karina Denike)

Los Placebos – Skantaloop

The Drops – Dance with Black Tarantula

The Equators – More Than a Person

Redska – La Nostra Strada

Ska N’ Ska – Boom

Less Than Jake – Happyman

The Readymen – Headline News

No Sports – Stay Rude Stay Rebel

Ngobo Ngobo – Good For U, Man

Rhyth-o-Matics – Walking in the Shadow

Nuclear Device – Ska Kings and Queens

The Specials – Too Much Too Young

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