100% Ska Podcast S06E01 – 2023 Supernova International Ska Festival Celebration pt. 1

On our first episode of 2023 (our sixth season!) we are highlighting some of the amazing bands that have been announced to play at the 2023 Supernova International Ska Festival!

The festival has already announced some incredible headlining acts including Fishbone, The Untouchables, Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra and the Piestasters, along with an incredible assortment of US-based bands, and international talent making their way stateside.

Listen in to get a taste of what you’ll hear when the festival takes place September 15th – 17th in Fort Monroe VA, and check out all the details on https://www.supernovaska.com/!

Full Playlist:

The Untouchables – The General

Fishbone – Skankin to the Beat

Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra – Monster Rock (JAPAN)

The Toasters – 2-Tone Army

The Pietasters – Movin On Up

Catbite – Bad Influence

Bad Operation – Bad Operation

Kill Lincoln – Going Under

We Are The Union – Ordinary Life

Out of Control Army – Global Ska (MEXICO)

The Planet Smashers – What’s Going Down (CANADA)

Adhesivo – Autopisteando (EL SALVADOR)

Dr Ring Ding – All Because I Love You (GERMANY)

Bite Me Bambi – Carried Away

Pannonia Allstars Ska Orchestra – As One (HUNGARY)

Eastern Standard Time – Totem Pole

The Loving Paupers – Where’s My Wave

The Skapones – From Cradle to Grave (UK)

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