100% Ska Podcast S06E02 – Spotlight on 2022 Reissues and New-to-the-Collection Titles

Tonight we’re looking back on some of the best reissues of 2022, allowing us to fill in the missing slots of our collection without breaking the bank, and getting some “debut on vinyl” too.

This includes The Slackers and their reissue of “Wasted Days” (Pirates Press Records) The Skalars vinyl debut of “Change Up”, and The Magnetics vinyl issue of two EPs on “Cocktails and Fairy Tales” (on and through Jump Up Records) and Skankin’ Pickle “The Green Album” (Dr. Strange Records).

We also take a listen to some of the best “new to the collection” titles of 2022, which offers a snapshot into everything you can expect on a 100% Ska episode – 90s ska, 80s “2-Clone” rarities, boss dubby reggae, neo-traditional, and everything in between!

Enjoy, and look for next week’s episode where we look back on the best (to me) new releases of 2022!

Full Playlist:

Bad Habit – Against You

The Slackers – Wasted Days

The Magnetics – Campari

The Skalars – Box of Death

Skankin’ Pickle – Gas in My Car

The Porkers – Schooners of the Black

MU330 – Hoosier Love

Easy Big Fella – Aliens

Pist N Broke – Pist N Broke

The Lambrettas – Poison Ivy

Little Tigers – Ska City

The Employees – Pick It Up

Skinners – Jump Up You Can Do it

The Senior All-Stars – West to East

Los Aggrotones – El Reggae es Algo Serio

The Revivers – Black Panther

La Fundacion – Nunca Sabras

Chickenpox – Fight Back

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