100% Ska Podcast S06E05 – Productions Impossible and Happy People Records Spotlight, plus 45s Fun

Tonight we’re taking a look at some of the exceptional releases from two labels! First up is Productions Impossible Records, from France, focusing on the French ska scene, along with other subcultures including surf and rockabilly! Check out their full offerings!

We also dive into some of the recent-ish releases from Happy People Records, as they release new exclusive tracks and add new life to already-released tracks by slapping them on heavy-weight, high quality 45s!

We also get into some fun with more 45s from across the spectrum of time! Take a listen!

Full Playlist:

Les Partisans – Ma Rengaine

65 Mines Street – Anton the Undertaker

Moon Hop – Space Jackers

Upten – Can’t Believe

Taste in Vibes – Cat of Ska

Count Valentine and the Love Notes – Fifth of You

Smoke and Mirrors Sound System – Scroll on By

The Upshitters – Sleng Teng ’69

Les Singes Vert – Personal Jesus

Roger Rivas – 10 Plagues

The Bandulus – Am I a Good Man

The Pietasters – Keep on Lyin

Phoenix City All-Stars – I Can’t Get No (Satisfaction)

Roland Alphonso – Way Out West

Prince Buster All-Stars – Down Beat Burial

The Dynamites – Red Moon

Pama Dice – Sin Sun and Sex

The Felons – Change Your Style

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