100% Ska Podcast S06E04 – 2022 Catch-Up, 2023 New Releases, and 90s 7″ Fun

Tonight we’re checking out some more of the 2022 releases from the tail-end of the year (including releases from Jump Up Records and Guerroro Records), getting into some of the newest 2023 releases and pre-orders available now, along with another trip back to the 90s with a stack of 7″ records!

Of note in the pre-orders is The Skapones new album Northern Gods (available this week), and from Title Holder their new album What Better Time, coming later in 2023.

Check out the links next to the playlist songs for additional new releases to check out!

Full Playlist:

Hepcat – 7 Years of Plenty (Badasonic Records)

The Pandemics – Bodega Cat

Buford O’Sullivan and the Robots – Stolen Soul

Los Barrelshots – Old Western Bullet

Boss Capone – Don’t Love Me

The Skapones – Assassin’s Creed

Title Holder – Going Insane – JUMP START ALBUM PRE-ORDER – QUEENS

Zeme Libre – Pretty Boy (from Take Me Alive)

The Kubricks – Getting On It (from Between Antipodes)

Steady Earnest – Feel the Rush

The Rocksteady Conspiracy – Feeling it (single)

The Overits – Fight the Fights (from 4-Song EP)

A Contratiempo Ska-Jazz – Swing Elephant

Deal’s Gone Bad – The Elephants

The Kingpins – Do The Ska

Dr Ring Ding and the Senior All-Stars – Green Pepper

Yeska – Greyhound to Chiapas

Panoramic View – Beethoven Symphony 7 Allegretto (single)

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