100% Ska Podcast S06E09 – Let the Summer of Ska 2023 Begin

As we ramp up to the summer of ska, we’re getting the podcast going again, and if you’re local in the NYC area be sure to check out the upcoming Subway to Skaville calendar at the bottom of the page.

There’s no Bandcamp Friday this month, but we’re highlighting two releases on tonight’s episode, Not From Concentrate and their album #tbt which collects an archive of older material, and the new EP from The Manipulators.

Let’s get on with the tunes!

Full Playlist:

Not From Concentrate – That Saturday

The Volecanoes – Is There Anybody There

The Busters – Scooter Maniacs

Rude Guest – Girl Like You

Reluctant Stereotypes – Reluctant

Boss Sound Manifesto – Dig It

Spicy Roots – Run Away Run

The Magadogs – Come On (Extended Version)

The Upsessions – Cool Ska Time

The Appetizers – Dark Fruit

Los Granadians del Espacio Exterior – A Tu Lado

Unsteady – Test of Time third time album

The Soulsteppers – Do It Again

Culture Shock – Visibility

Swoons – Deckkraft 100%

The Offenders – Harsh Reality

2 Tone Lizard Kings – Insomnia

The Manipulators – Beertown

Local or visiting NYC? Check out the upcoming shows hosted by (or featuring) DJ Ryan Midnight:

6/9 – Barbicide, Sgt. Scag, The Imperial Walkers, Common Sense Kid, DJ Agent Jay (Host and DJ)

7/21 – The Simulators, Dunia & Aram, The Manipulators (Host and DJ)

8/10 – Subway to Skaville! Bands TBA!

Check out the new Subway to Skaville website too, and find out what we’re up to!

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