100% Ska Podcast S06E10 – Brand New (and New-ish) Music to Keep Your Summer Fun

Tonight we’re checking out a bunch of new (and new-ish) tunes to keep your summer library hot with releases from Jump Up Records, Canana Records, Old Neighborhood, and Ska Punk International!

Of note are brand-new releases from The Prizefighters and Amy Gabba & the Almost Famous, plus the collaborative Rocksteady 7 Meets Crazy Baldhead, and the new digital single from Skankt.

We also get into some Euro-fun and smattering of 45s to round it all out.

Crank it to a reasonable 7 or 8, stay hydrated, and enjoy!

Full Playlist:

The Prizefighters – What Are You Going To

Amy Gabba and the Almost Famous – Makes Me Want You More

Bumsy and the Moochers – Times Up

The Downsetters – Do You Believe?

The Agonizers – Give and Take

Rocksteady 7 meets Crazy Baldhead – Distant Cousins

The Moskito Bite – There’s a Man

Bim Skala Bim – Bring It On Home to Me

Lollypop Lorry – Jamaica Ska

Bad Manners – Inner London Violence

No Sports – Rudy

Skaos – Better Beware

The Deltones – Big Trouble

The Repeaters – Shake It Mr. Maitland

Detroit Riddim Crew – Do Something

Jamaica 69 – Olvidame

Victor Rice – Five

Skankt – Don’t Trust Her

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