100% Ska Podcast S06E15 – Digital and Vinyl New Releases, Uncommon Ska 45s, and Ska-Punk Fun

Tonight we’re checking out several new digital singles we’ve been sent over the past few weeks, listen to some new and new-ish vinyl releases, hop in the time machine with some 90s singles, and get our circle pit on with some high-crunch ska-core.

On the digital side we have a track from the debut album of The Phensic (new project from the founders of Bigger Thomas), and the new album from PatSKAts, plus singles from The Pandemics and Skappository.

On the new-ish vinyl side, we check check out Westbound Train’s new album, along with fare from Bad Time Records with JER and Joe Gittleman.

Next we’ll really get into a debrief on Supernova International Ska Festival 2023!

Full Playlist:

The Phensic – War Inside (from the album, Don’t Test Me)

The Pandemics – Reject Reset Repeat (new single!)

Westbound Train – Stranded

Jer – Garden of Understanding

Joe Gittleman – Pete Lost the Beat

Key Day and the Newentun All Stars – Bad Guy

Hitmen for Hire – Money in the Pocket

Housewife’s Choice – It’s Raining

E.S.P. – Nine to Five

KlinKhammer – Out of Sight

El Bosso and die Ping Pongs – Brutus

The Holophonics – Don’t Buy the Hype

Stuck Lucky – Come As You Like

Liberator – Louder Than Words

PatSKAts – I Can’t Get Enough (from their self-titled album)

Skappository ft. Chris Malone – 54-46 (That’s My Number) (new single!)

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